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A Body of Art, A Soul of Technology

A Body of Art, A Soul of Technology



The graceful form of Vito Di Bari’s latest creation, MyEquilibria is composed of next generation materials including ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete, stainless steel, exotic and durable woods. The soul of MyEquilibria lives through the next generation technologies woven into the majestic form just below the surface.

Thanks to the incredible advances of technology in recent years, the capabilities of MyEquilibria include geo-localization and augmented reality functions that provide users with a virtual personal trainer in real-time. The wellness trees of MyEquilibria immediately interact with users smart phones and offer relevant video instruction featuring real physical trainers using the exact same MyEquilibria art installation.

MyEquilibria app communicates with the wellness trees and with wearable’s such as smart watches with sensors, that automatically monitor the user’s level of physical activity, including time, distance, speed, heart rate and calories burnt. The app also offers audio features, including musical options and an audio coach making it simple for users to stay focused, push harder and track their progress.