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MyEquilibria: Beauty Inspires Motivation

MyEquilibria: Beauty Inspires Motivation

VDB Villa

“MyEquilibria is so beautiful that it makes people want to move, explore, and exercise, thereby improving their health and wellness.”

 The beauty of MyEquilibria is multifaceted. MyEquilibria’s wellness trees are aesthetically beautiful and visually fascinating in their simplicity and organic dimensions. Designer Vito Di Bari drew upon the diagrams of Georgy Voronoi when creating MyEquilibria. While Voronoi diagrams are primarily used in scientific and technological applications, Voronoi cells are true to Delaunay Triangulation, which mirror patterns found in nature. For this reason, when we observe the form of Vito’s wellness trees, our minds interpret the art installations as organic structures.

 Open-air exercise appeals to us at our most basic level of humanity. Just mentally picturing a nature walk releases positive chemicals in the brain whereas imagining the inside of a gym has no inspirational value. It is this seemingly intrinsic knowledge that inspired Vito Di Bari’s MyEquilibria and the reason that MyEquilibria inspires people to investigate the wellness trees and exercise in new and exciting ways.