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MyEquilibria Revealed

MyEquilibria Revealed


Today the latest innovation design by Vito Di Bari, MyEquilibria, will be unveiled for the world’s preeminent design event, Salone de Mobile in the historic courtyards of the Università degli Studi di Milano, and the Orto Botanico di Brera in Milan. This year’s theme is INTERNI OPEN BORDERS. MyEquilibria fits this theme perfectly in multiple ways.

MyEquilibria is a 23’ tall outdoor art installation that encourages open-air exercise. The piece is comprised of “trees of wellness”. Vito developed these trees using Voronoi Diagrams, and because Voronoi’s work mirrors the simple perfection found in nature, the wellness trees appear organic. Beginning from this aesthetically pleasing blue print, Di Bari used next generation materials and technologies to build his wellness trees. The trees are constructed of ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete, stainless steel, exotic and durable woods. Embedded in these resilient fabrics are hidden, proximity-based technologies that interact with visitors’ smartphones through the MyEquilibria app. The easy to use app offers visitors a wide variety of healthy, fun, and interactive functions for their exercise enjoyment.

Vito Di Bari believes that beautiful environments that encourage and cultivate human interaction are the key to generating and maintaining a harmonious balance between people and nature. In this ingenious way, Vito hopes to break down the borders between exercise and fun while simultaneously bringing people together in a new international wellness community through MyEquilibria.

Beginning today MyEquilibria will be available to the public free of charge in the Orto Botanico di Brera. Visitors of all ages are encouraged to explore the wellness trees and to have some fun.